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Let’s strengthen your business from the inside out.

Our strategic methodology will bring together dialogue and data to reveal your most valuable offerings, all the people involved, and relevant market fundamentals to reveal powerful insights and opportunities for your brand and business.

Opportunities that we’ll then maximize, to produce value for you by accounting for everybody.
Let’s design solutions that’ll strengthen your company from the inside out.

Our research-led methodology will bring together relevant market fundamentals, your business‘ offerings, and all the people involved in them to reveal powerful insights and opportunities.

Opportunities that we’ll then design for, creating value for you by accounting for everybody.

Namastday Yoga Center
Operations Research / Customer Research & Journeys / Competitive Analysis / Business Strategy /  CX Strategy /Brand Strategy & Messaging / Brand Identity & Communications Design / Marketing & SEO / Design & Change Management

Los Angeles, California 

︎ Where we were  A premier Iyengar yoga center in Beverly Hills faced challenges with member acquisition and retention.

︎Where we wanted to be
The studio aimed to attract dedicated yoga students who would commit long-term to Iyengar yoga, experience its benefits, advocate for it, and help build a thriving community.

︎How we got there To address these issues, we engaged with stakeholders at Namastday Yoga Center, including current and new members, regular and visiting teachers, and staff. This dialogue revealed that most new members were introduced through a coupon service, lacked familiarity with the Iyengar method, and sought immediate benefits.

We also discovered that regular members found it difficult to introduce others to the center and to participate in different classes due to the center’s complex and frequently changing schedule.

To tackle these challenges, we streamlined the studio’s teaching approach into a simple, two-tier system: 1: Foundational, and 2: Challenging. We then implemented a two-color coding system for the class calendar, making it straightforward for members to choose classes that matched their skill level and explore new options confidently. This coding system facilitated a complete overhaul of the class schedule, fostering a consistent, balanced monthly practice routine.

Further, we leveraged this new structure to enhance communications, creating detailed teacher profiles, class descriptions, and social media content for workshop events. This empowered students, teachers, and staff to actively engage in word-of-mouth marketing and increase participation.