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Let’s strengthen your business from the inside out.

Our strategic methodology will bring together dialogue and data to reveal your most valuable offerings, all the people involved, and relevant market fundamentals to reveal powerful insights and opportunities for your brand and business.

Opportunities that we’ll then maximize, to produce value for you by accounting for everybody.
Let’s design solutions that’ll strengthen your company from the inside out.

Our research-led methodology will bring together relevant market fundamentals, your business‘ offerings, and all the people involved in them to reveal powerful insights and opportunities.

Opportunities that we’ll then design for, creating value for you by accounting for everybody.

The Soup Bowl 
Market Research / Consumer Research / Business Strategy / Brand Positioning / Illustration / Brand Identity Design

For Idea Spice Design, Mumbai, India 

︎ Where we were  We were launching a new soup business in Mumbai’s busiest mall, aiming to attract customers with Indo-Western taste preferences.

︎Where we wanted to be
Our goal was to become the go-to choice for those seeking a comforting, convenient, and healthy meal option.

︎How we got there Our approach began with conducting primary research in high-traffic food courts to understand customer behaviors, food preferences, and the impact of seasonal variations. 
We found that customers gravitated towards flavors that reminded them of home, preferred no-fuss food presentations with easy-to-pack leftovers, and favored warm, comforting foods during Mumbai's frequent rainy days.

Recognizing that comfort was a key factor in customer choices, we decided to create a brand space that evoked "abundant comfort."

We designed a visual identity inspired by the nostalgic image of soup prepared in cast-iron cauldrons, reminiscent of a time when meals were a communal, eagerly anticipated event, filled with the aromas of fragrant seasonings.

This concept was encapsulated in a punchy, memorable logo that was both cost-effective and simple to produce. We complemented this with community-focused imagery, crafting a compelling and scalable brand identity system that resonated with our target audience.