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Let’s strengthen your business from the inside out.

Our strategic methodology will bring together dialogue and data to reveal your most valuable offerings, all the people involved, and relevant market fundamentals to reveal powerful insights and opportunities for your brand and business.

Opportunities that we’ll then maximize, to produce value for you by accounting for everybody.
Let’s design solutions that’ll strengthen your company from the inside out.

Our research-led methodology will bring together relevant market fundamentals, your business‘ offerings, and all the people involved in them to reveal powerful insights and opportunities.

Opportunities that we’ll then design for, creating value for you by accounting for everybody.

inVentiv Health
Change Management / Global Corporate Brand Integration Strategy / Business Capabilities & Operations Architecture / Design Systems for Print, Digital, Video, and Environment / Corporate Brand Visioning / Experience Design / Brand Identity & Interface Design / Design Leadership

For Chandler Chicco Agency, New York City, NY

︎ where we were  InVentiv Health was formed through the acquisition of various subsidiaries and international business segments, each at different stages of brand evolution.

︎where we wanted to be
  We aimed to unify InVentiv Health as a global leader in integrated clinical and commercial healthcare services.

︎ how we got there  We began by mapping the business capabilities and the products offered across their B2B supply chain. This allowed us to design an organizational system that facilitated cross-collaboration among InVentiv Health's subsidiaries.
Next, to transition InVentiv Health from a holding company into a singular convergent solutions provider, we established a horizontal brand architecture, core communication tools, and integrated brand assets. 

By building structure and flexibility into the corporate brand identity system, we enabled the formation of multi-disciplinary teams and implemented new ways to foster organic relationships across various business units.

These new collaborations normalized the development of convergent solutions for healthcare clients, allowing the company to operate with a unified purpose.

After three years of strategic restructuring, we successfully established an organized and integrated operations framework. This framework united a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), to transform a fragmented entity into a unified, global organization.

InVentiv Health relaunched as Syneos Health™ in 2018 (Nasdaq:SYNH), as the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization in the world.

With more than 23,000 employees and operations in over 110 countries, Syneos Health now conducts business worth $4.3 billion annually.